Vision, Values and Responsibilities

Vision, Values and Responsibilities

Our overriding focus is on meeting your needs and objectives.

Drawing on our wide therapeutic experience across all phases of clinical trials, we work alongside you to provide a cost effective, high quality service that confidently meets prevailing international laws and regulatory guidelines.

Whatever your needs, we will deliver and meet high quality expectations. Our experienced, international team is always here when you need them, responding quickly to your needs and employing innovative technology to deliver your project on time and within budget. If there is a service you require that is not core to SQN, we have an established network of consultants and specialist companies who can work in harmony with us in a functional service team.

Our responsibility is to enable you to deliver new products and treatments to patients safely and in the shortest time possible.  We recognise the increasing financial imperative on development and marketing activities and our budget-conscious approach has been embraced by the largest and smallest companies alike.

We value your business, we value your reputation, and we aim to develop a close working relationship with you, increasing your available resource and capabilities. We can help you optimise your development planning through elements such as adaptive study designs, risk-based monitoring and data-driven decision making, ensuring critical decisions are made at the most appropriate stage.

Operating as an extension of your own company, delivering what you need – a flexible, reliable and professional service. No fuss, no drama, and low risk.

We recruit and retain the best and most experienced staff, who we are justifiably proud of.  We are a responsible employer and our dedicated staff demonstrate support to local, national and international charities and organisations, as well as a broader responsibility and support to humanitarian and environmental initiatives.