Autumn conference roundup

Autumn conference roundup

Autumn conference roundup

20Nov2018 | Blog

Bio Spain

The Autumn conference season kicked off in scorching Seville as the team set up for BioSpain in 25 degree heat!

Once the air conditioning had kicked in, the conference went into full swing where our purple colours, animated owl and mounds of chocolate went down a treat.

The main topic was around conducting clinical research in Spain and Europe with a particular focus on Brexit. However reassurance of the quality and integrity SQN can deliver all over the globe soon calmed many fears.

The team found that ePRO was something many were interested in as pharma and biotech start to think about 2019 projects and trial design. This and our advancements we have made with our analytical dashboards.

Congratulations to the ladies at Biomedal, Alicia Arevalo-Smith and Ainhoa Vergara Gomez for winning the all mighty chocoholic survival kit!

Bio Europe

The focus in Europe continued as Shiyan and Pauline attended Bio Europe in Copenhagen. A busy conference with over 4,000 attendees. SQN was located with the rest of the UK delegation which received an huge amount of foot traffic.

There was a real mix of goals at this conference, with some delegates focusing on licensing and others looking for service providers or more information, though there was a keen interest across majority of people in relation to technology use in healthcare. Our ePRO solution was a focal point for many as there is a growing need to include this in trial design as well as our advanced analytics which gained interest for applying to legacy data, as well as in trial data.

Congratulations to Natalie Wilson from NIHR for winning the chocoholic survival kit!

Clinical Operations in Oncology trials Europe

Concluding the conference season, the team travelled to Munich for the more intimate Clinical operations in Oncology trials Europe. With just over 150 delegates, the main focus was on how we can conduct more efficient research in Oncology.

SQN are well known for our experience in Oncology and were able to demonstrate why our EDC system is a popular tool in this therapeutic area. Another discussion point was again on ePRO and how it can influence cancer trials in a positive way. Collecting real world patient data has proven to be very insightful as figures were presented from a number of speakers.

Congratulation to Denise Steckel from Genentech for winning the Chocoholic survival kit!

There is a real shift in focus towards technology in clinical research. From medical devices to data capture tools like SQN Health’s ePRO. As new technology becomes available, utilising it would introduce higher quality data and more cost effective processes.

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