Global Clinical Trials Connect, 2019

Global Clinical Trials Connect, 2019

14May2019 | Blog

Staying closer to home, SQN Clinical attended the Global Clinical Trials Connect conference in London. A smaller, more intimate conference than previously attended, however, this opened the floor for conversation and debate amongst the delegates on topics such as patient engagement, recruitment and vendor management. SQN was able to participate in discussions from a CRO perspective leading the charge with ePRO and patient-centric clinical trials.

Armed with our staple mountain of chocolate and 40” Touch screen tablet, we were able to demonstrate SQN Heath, our suite of technologies and host of biometric services.

A special congratulations need to go to Mr Alessandro Ruggieri, Clinical Study Manager at Angelini, who won our famous Chocoholic Survival Kit!

Next up SQN is back in the capital for Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK, held at the AMBA hotel.

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