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04, 05, 20 | Blog

What drew you to SQN originally? And how has SQN changed since? I wanted a change and was looking for a step up in my career. I was attracted to...

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Electronic signatures Adoption Image
04, 02, 20 | Blog

Introduction There’s often a reticence around adopting electronic solutions for traditional processes – EDC took hold across the industry, but it was a long slow introduction.  ePRO is starting to...

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Iss and Ise
04, 12, 19 | Blog

You will undoubtedly have already engaged with the relevant authorities and had those concept discussions throughout your development and late phase studies. Now with confidence high and the pivotal studies...

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interview with Elisa (head, statistical operations)
27, 11, 19 | Blog

The delivery of the statistical analysis for any project within the pharmaceutical/R&D industry is paramount to the success of the project and the respective development targets.  It is without doubt...

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autumn conference round-up
20, 11, 19 | Blog

As 2019 draws to a close we reflect on a positive year, with several lucky winners of our famous Chocoholic’s Survival Kits, many happy faces when people see our chocolate...

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29, 10, 19 | Blog

When people think of clinical trial data capture, the paper case report form (CRF) often comes to mind.  Despite cloud-based electronic data capture (EDC) being in existence for almost 20...

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An interview with Martin
03, 10, 19 | Blog

SQN has continued to be at the forefront of providing advanced innovative technological solutions to the healthcare industry for more than two decades, from the development of our own bespoke...

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SQN and Thriving workplace collaboration
01, 10, 19 | News

SQN have engaged with Norfolk’s “Thriving Workplaces” to implement a long-term wellbeing strategy within SQN, focusing on culture, mental health and overall wellbeing. Thriving Workplaces are the local arm of...

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technology in clinical research
07, 08, 19 | Blog

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are under immense pressure to continue to develop life-changing treatments, whilst reducing cost and time to market to increase the margin for return on investment. If...

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g-cloud supplier image
23, 07, 19 | News

SQN Clinical are proud to announce that our Queens award-winning EDC system, SQN Health EDC is now listed on the G-Cloud 11 framework and available to public sector bodies seeking...

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laptop and crf forms header
17, 07, 19 | Blog

All programmers will experience at a point in time the process of annotating a Case Report Form (CRF). The process of annotating is not only long and tedious but the...

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Electronic data capture EDC system for clinical trials
03, 07, 19 | Blog

Electronic data capture systems revolutionised how we collect data in clinical trials increasing efficiencies and improving the quality of the data. However, two decades on, the marketplace is now saturated...

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