Outsourcing for Clinical Trials UK & Ireland, 2018

Outsourcing for Clinical Trials UK & Ireland, 2018

18Jun2018 | Blog

Upon return from the East coast of America, SQN Clinical arrived in Chelsea, London to attend the annual Outsourcing for Clinical trials UK and Ireland.

In tandem with current developments taking place in clinical research today, the 2018 OCT UK event concentrated on technology inclusion and regulatory state affairs, while exploring ways in which we can adapt to this changing paradigm. Hot topics included GSK’s demonstration of new elements of their digital strategy, discussions around how Pharma leads are now utilising social media for patient recruitment, and a live debate on Brexit’s effect on trial development in the UK.

Following the event theme, Shiyan Caan spoke on ‘More engaging clinical trials with patient centric technology and real time project and clinical oversight data analytics’ on behalf of Director, Tony Rees. The advances SQN Clinical are making opened conversation about how we would effectively implement these technologies into clinical research. Shiyan considered how collecting additional wellness information would produce greater trial insight and engagement, while examining how big data analytics can facilitate the potential of a decentralised trial.

Showcasing our new ePRO and analytics alongside our award winning in-house EDC system, we were able to demonstrate our 22 years of experience in biometrics and how this knowledge feeds into our technology, all aided by our mountain of chocolate that was also very popular!

Congratulations to Amandine Painton, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals for winning the chocoholic Survival kit!

SQN Clinical will be at Bio Spain next with more chocolate and exciting advancements.

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