Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland, 2019

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland, 2019

17Jun2019 | Blog
Global clinical trials connect conference

SQN Clinical had a successful two days at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland 2019 at the AMBA Hotel London.

Topics ranging from Brexit, sponsor oversight, patient-centric, harnessing the best practices for monitoring clinical trials to align with ICH-GCP expectations, effective CRO management strategies to recognising CRO partnerships from the perspective of a small biotech’.

John Shillingford, Director of Clinical Research, Afon Technology paid a lovely tribute to Tony Rees at the conference, the former Executive Director of SQN Clinical (Syne qua non Ltd), who sadly past away at the beginning of the year, a major character in the industry, who will be greatly missed.

The SQN Clinical stand was as popular as ever, not just because SQN is one of the worlds recognised specialist clinical biometrics CRO’s but also because of the fantastic chocolates that Karen Grover, SQN Company Director and Lester Powell, Business Development Manager, were shared to all that came by.

Thank you to all those that enjoyed the chocolates and insights in how SQN Clinical can save you time, money and peace of mind in your data management, CRF design, ePRO, and much more.  We hope to see you again very soon.

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