Full Service

Full Service

Complete Clinical Trials Service

Through our experienced team and extensive national and international network of recognised consultants and specialist clinical and support organisations, you will gain access to a comprehensive range of local and global services to support rapid, focused and effective clinical development.

From the early stages of development planning, study design and feasibility, our strong team of experienced industry professionals focus on providing you with a service based on experience, effective risk management and structured planning.  Our supporting integrated technology incorporates risk-based monitoring, adaptive design, real-time project management and clinical oversight reporting, proactively delivering the oversight you need and regulators expect.

International Leadership

Your SQN team is carefully selected according to their experience, therapeutic knowledge and local insight.  Through flexible resource management, we make sure you will have an experienced team, with the right skills and knowledge to lead and support your project.

Our state-of-the-art technology supports any local or international language and maximises country and patient trial participation. Effective data collection provides you with highly flexible study design options supported by accurate real-time project and clinical oversight.

With proactive project management and on-demand reporting, our close co-operative, team-orientated service will keep you in touch with your patients and their data 24/7, regardless of your time-zone or location.

The Risk Management Approach

The assessment and management of risk is key to the success of any clinical development programme.

We employ a quality-by-design approach to the conduct of your trial. Together, we determine the critical project success factors and apply risk analysis and management methodologies. This is supported by our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as well as those we would agree with your company. This, together with our advanced cloud-based EDC system means you will always have your finger on the pulse of your study’s status.

There are significant quality and cost benefits in this approach and by incorporating this with a risk-based monitoring strategy ensures visits to site are more focused, efficient and effective.

Why We’re Refreshingly Different

Our integrated full service model incorporates the highest level of experience and expertise in each service area. Large and smaller companies alike are finding this approach presents significant added value and cost savings compared with using a single company for all services.  Ease of contractual and operational management simplifies the outsourcing process while maximising service quality and reducing development timelines.

We would be delighted to discuss this flexible and effective approach with you in more detail and allow you to see how we, with support from our dependable partners, can maximise the success of your development and project plans.