Tech, Trials and Transformation Conference, Raleigh NC 2018

Tech, Trials and Transformation Conference, Raleigh NC 2018

06Jun2018 | Blog

With our continued success implementing technology into clinical research, SQN Clinical were proud to be invited to the Tech, Trials and Transformation Conference in Raleigh NC as silver sponsors.

Armed with 40 kilos of British Cadbury’s chocolate, a large tablet and a third delegate in the form of an owl, Shiyan and Pauline arrived on Tuesday 29thMay to a very hot and humid North Carolina. Ready to present our SQN Health ecosystem and provide a better insight into how we are embracing a new era of technology in clinical research.

Day 1 focused on where we are as an industry and the current roadblocks in clinical trials today, as the day progressed we started to understand and discuss ways in which we can advance clinical research with the tools, devices and technologies we have available to us today.

Day 2 then focused on what these solutions may be, this followed a talk from Shiyan Caan titled ‘Elevating patients to the centre of clinical research through innovative data collection and advanced data analytics techniques to drive the clinical trial process into a new era.’ He discussed incorporating wellness data collection, advancements in real time analytics and decentralising clinical research.

The talk opened discussion about bringing apprehensive study teams on board to this approach and how far technology can influence the health sector.

Congratulations to the Winner of our Chocoholic survival kit Robin Farmanfarmaian, VP Invicta Medical.

SQN Clinical will be attending the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe conference at the Chelsea Harbour hotel, London.

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