Technology in Clinical Research – How far can we go?

Technology in Clinical Research – How far can we go?

07Aug2019 | Blog
technology in clinical research

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are under immense pressure to continue to develop life-changing treatments, whilst reducing cost and time to market to increase the margin for return on investment. If we continue to compare the pharmaceutical industry with other sectors, we see that there is still a long way to go. For example, finance, which is as heavily regulated as the health sector, has made incredible steps towards a digital world, from emerging online-only banks to contactless and digital payments. So how can we harness this technology in clinical research? 

Regulators such as the FDA and EMA continue to publish extensively in preparation for a digital world and as we begin to see pharma companies exploring a more cost-effective decentralised approach to clinical research, technology will surely take centre stage to make this a reality. 

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