Tony’s Tribe – a socially distanced fundraiser by SQN staff

Tony’s Tribe – a socially distanced fundraiser by SQN staff

26Oct2020 | Blog, News

2020 brought a lot of unexpected challenges – not many of them easy, or enjoyable.  We’re all working remotely, which for a close-knit and sociable team such as ours, is tough.  At SQN we wanted to do something positive, to change the narrative of the year.

Many of you knew Tony and will understand why we still miss him greatly, so we created “Tony’s Tribe”, a fundraising event in memory of Tony Rees.  Both clinical research and charity fundraising have been impacted by the events of 2020, so we decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a cause close to Tony’s heart.

The Tribe completed a range of challenges in September, including open water swimming, running, long distance walking, iron man challenges, cycling and a tennis marathon.

Our fundraising target was £1500.  At the time of writing over £5,000 has been donated.  Tony always taught us that we could do better.  This is yet more proof that he was right…

We’re very proud of Tony’s Tribe.  If you donated – thank you – we really appreciate it.  If you didn’t, but would like to, you can read our story and donate at

Tony – danni yn methu chi (we miss you).

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